Good day All. I've got my Dagit UI running with a ...
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Good day All. I've got my Dagit UI running with a Multi-container setup. I'm using Postgres for the run, event_log and schedule storage. Some of my jobs takes forever to render the ops, sometime never. A job with 48 ops renders perfectly fine, but a job with 56 ops doesn't render at all. Is there a limit? How do I get this to render for all my job? Could this this related to the Postgres RDS I'm running?
what browser? are there any messages in the JS console?
I'm using Firefox, but I've tested it on Chrome as well, with same results. I get a 400 response on a websocket.
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Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at <wss://our-path-to-dagster-service/dagster/graphql>.
But I'm getting this even on jobs that render the ops, so I don't think it's related to this.
Just a side note. We are running it behind a nginx service.
This is a 404 to the javascript file that's trying to load
@Dagster Bot issue service worker js bundle issue