Another sensor question: after a sensor has succes...
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Another sensor question: after a sensor has successfully triggered, how can I manually re-run it? (currently using 0.13.12 if that’s important)
Bit of a hack, but I think turning the sensor off and on again after you change the min time in code (and reload the workspace) will work. As luck would have it, starting in 0.14.0 next week, just changing the minimum time in code will be enough and the daemon will pick up the change in min time interval automatically
That’s good to hear about 0.14. Interestingly, I tried adjusting the min time and toggling the sensor, but it didn’t trigger. My guess was that it was looking at the time from the last completed run from the trigger with a high min interval
I goofed my sqlite database though and ended up wiping it 😛 that certainly solved my problem haha