Hi - I have a question of using a local docker imp...
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Hi - I have a question of using a local docker implementation (following the dagster example) but am having an issue. I am using a local version of docker to orchestrate runs and would like to store data (e.g. csv’s as backups for database insert fails) and custom python logs back to the host system. I have mounted a local drive to all of the 3 images (repo code, daemon, and dagit) and have tested and ensured I can ssh into the running container and interact with the mounted drive. In my docker-compose.yaml I have:
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      name: dagster_mnt
which dagster_mnt was created with
docker volume ...
Under each service in the docker-compose.yaml I have added:
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      - dagster_mnt:/mount
However, I cannot interact with the mounted volume from the temp containers that dagit orchestrates, and when I attempt to ssh in, I can see that the volume is not mounted. Has any one run into this issue before or know of any work-around?
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Hi Tim- you may need to add these volumes to config on your DockerRunLauncher in your dagster.yaml as well. There's an example dagster.yaml here: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/docker#mounting-volumes
thanks @daniel I’ll test it out