I'm getting these errors below for sensor: ```@ru...
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I'm getting these errors below for sensor:
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which seem strange since I can see the pipelines loaded in Dagit and the the pipeline for the sensor exists and can run. Any insight on what could be happening? SensorDaemon - ERROR - Sensor daemon caught an error for sensor job_success_email_sensor : dagster.core.errors.DagsterInvariantViolationError: No jobs, pipelines, graphs, or repositories found in "kh_dagster". Stack Trace: File "C:\Users\<redacted>\Envs\<redacted>\lib\site-packages\dagster\grpc\server.py", line 205, in init self._repository_symbols_and_code_pointers.load() File "C:\Users\<redacted>\Envs\<redacted>\lib\site-packages\dagster\grpc\server.py", line 90, in load self._loadable_repository_symbols = load_loadable_repository_symbols( File "C:\Users\<redacted>\Envs\<redacted>\lib\site-packages\dagster\grpc\server.py", line 108, in load_loadable_repository_symbols loadable_targets = get_loadable_targets( File "C:\Users\<redacted>\Envs\<redacted>\lib\site-packages\dagster\grpc\utils.py", line 37, in get_loadable_targets else loadable_targets_from_python_package(package_name) File "C:\Users\<redacted>\Envs\<redacted>\lib\site-packages\dagster\core\workspace\autodiscovery.py", line 30, in loadable_targets_from_python_package return loadable_targets_from_loaded_module(module) File "C:\Users\<redacted>\Envs\<redacted>\lib\site-packages\dagster\core\workspace\autodiscovery.py", line 78, in loadable_targets_from_loaded_module raise DagsterInvariantViolationError(
Hi Edrebryan! This is very odd… Is your run status sensor
in the same repository as the pipelines they target? Also, can you verify that your daemon is using the same
as your dagit instance?
It is and the workspace.yaml file only has one version. I removed all the local sql lite files and created a fresh virtualenv and the issue seems to have gone away. Still not sure what caused it though.