David Robinson

12/29/2021, 8:45 PM
Hi. I am trying to run dagster (dagit, dagster daemon) on postgres. No docker for the moment. I have run_storage, event_log_storage and schedule_storage all set in the dagster.yaml file. There are 11 tables created in the dagster database, and when runs are performed data shows up in the “runs” table and the event_logs table (for example) in the database. However, the “jobs” table remains empty, even though the dagit console shows 8 jobs (all of which are defined in a workspace.yaml file. How many tables should I see if dagster is “fully” postgres enabled and what should I see in tables (and when) such as the jobs table in the database ? Thank you!


12/30/2021, 3:36 AM
Hi David - the only time you'll see something in the 'jobs' table is if you turn on a schedule or a sensor. In the past dagster used to use the term 'job' internally to refer to something different (specifically a code artifact that could launch runs, like a schedule or a sensor), and that's unfortunately still reflected in the postgres schema since changing it would be a breaking change. So it sounds like everything is working as expected, and the table names could just be more clear.