Hi all, forgive me if I missed this in the docs, b...
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Hi all, forgive me if I missed this in the docs, but I'm using the dagster-dbt API, and I would like to consume the output of one of my models within a Job. Is that possible? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
What do you mean by this? Do you want to query the model and use the results in the job?
Do you want to express a "run this job, after this side-effectful action, which does not produce output, has run" dependency?
One sec, resolving docs link from my brain.
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from dagster import In, Nothing, job, op

def create_table_1():
    get_database_connection().execute("create table_1 as select * from some_source_table")

@op(ins={"start": In(Nothing)})
def create_table_2():
    get_database_connection().execute("create table_2 as select * from table_1")

def nothing_dependency():
I'm using this a lot.
Thanks Manny!
My org hasn't approved DBT, so I'm running bigquery jobs as dagster steps lol.
It works ok.