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Andy Chen

11/05/2021, 4:38 AM
Hi! I'm a little bit confused about how to run parts of your job, but not all of it. Lets say that I start working in Dagit and I have a really slow job. My pipeline looks like this:
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really_slow_op ----> normal_op
So lets say I build this job. Great! Then I need to add a new op that depends on normal_op
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really_slow_op -----> normal_op ----> new_op
I want to just run new_op so I don't have to waste a lot of time running really_slow_op. I've tried doing this in the launchpad, and I think I have to do something with the input config. Are there any docs referencing the recommended way to do stuff like this? I could only find the one about reexecuting from an error. Error in dagit, I think i'm misunderstanding what <selector> should be: