hey guys any way to prevent the execution of a c_s...
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hey guys any way to prevent the execution of a c_solid? I am using conditional outputs and passing them to the composite but I get this error:
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raise DagsterInvalidDefinitionError(
E   dagster.core.errors.DagsterInvalidDefinitionError: @composite_solid 'c_solid_create_re_uw_template' has unmapped input 'enable'. Remove it or pass it to the appropriate solid invocation.
@Rubén Lopez Lozoya do you have some sample code that illustrates the error?
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    mode_defs=[default_mode, local_nobq_mode],
def re_uw_pipeline():
    company_name, company_id, _ = solid_get_company_info()
    current_uw_sources = solid_get_current_sources(company_id)

    previous_completed_uw_id = solid_get_previous_completed_uw_id(company_id)
    previous_uw_sources = solid_get_previous_uw_sources(  # noqa: F841
    previous_uw_decisions = solid_get_previous_uw_decisions(previous_completed_uw_id)
    enable_re_uw = solid_check_current_uw_sources_enough(
        current_uw_sources, previous_uw_sources

    current_uw_decisions = c_solid_create_re_uw_template(
        company_id, previous_uw_decisions, enable=enable_re_uw
This is the composite solid I want to prevent from running
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        OutputDefinition(name="enable_re_uw", dagster_type=bool, is_required=False)
def solid_check_current_uw_sources_enough(
    context, current_uw_sources: DataFrame, previous_uw_sources: DataFrame
) -> bool:
    are_uw_sources_enough = check_current_uw_sources_enough(
        current_uw_sources, previous_uw_sources

    if are_uw_sources_enough:
        yield Output(1, "enable_re_uw")
the c_solid is not even waiting for the inputs to be there, its just the solids inside the composite waiting, so its also just the solids inside the composite listening to the enable property, is there anyway to prevent the whole composite from running until at least the inputs are ready?