Nilesh Pandey

09/27/2021, 8:51 AM
Hi, We already know that workspace in Dagster refers to collection of multiple repository, which we specify in workspace.yaml. But, can we also have multiple workspaces in Dagster? I have a use case, where we want to divide the workspaces based on domain, so, that one can only see pipeline and repositories of his domain's. To understand it better let's take an example:-
Say we have two domain X and Y. Products of domain X are [x1,x2,x3] and of Y are [y1,y2,y3]. Pipeline name will based on products of domain. Now, in normal condition we will create two repositories with name X and Y, pipelines will be created under respective repositories. If go to the Dagster UI, person from Domain X can see what is in Domain Y and vice versa. That is what we don't want to do. We want that, person from Domain X should only see pipelines related to X and not of Y and vice versa.

Vladislav Ladenkov

09/27/2021, 11:12 AM
Have you tried making multiple workspace yaml sections in workspace.yaml?


09/27/2021, 12:52 PM
Hi nilesh - right now our only way to support this is to have separate dagster instances for the different domains. What you’re asking for here sounds to me like this feature request