Dan Stoner

09/16/2021, 7:50 PM
Looking for "how to organize my git repo" help. 'repository' of course being an overloaded concept here. I want to run
without any additional args so I have been trying to get
working but now I'm in what seems like Python import hell. I have an existing sample that works fine with
dagit -f
and all I want to do is move that into a subdirectory and have it available when running just
UserWarning: Error loading repository location Bad return value from repository construction function: all elements of list must be of type PipelineDefinition, PartitionSetDefinition, ScheduleDefinition, or SensorDefinition. Got value of type <class 'module'> at index 0, value of type <class 'module'> at index 1.
Maybe I am shooting myself in the foot by trying to use the Experimental APIs. My
has no
annotation (even though when I run it after starting via
dagit -f
the UI shows pipeline named
Here are contents of ``:
from dagster import graph, op

def do_something():
    print("Hello Dagster!")

def do_it_all():

if __name__ == "__main__":
Also, just in general... the examples in the doc indicate an awful lot of boilerplate is required... having to both import every individual thing (pipeline?) and then also return them. I guess this makes everything explicit but somewhat different than "here is my dags folder"
😳 I just found this: which has a repo layout. Will try that.


09/16/2021, 8:18 PM


09/16/2021, 10:18 PM
@Dan Stoner yeah, the idea with making it explicit is that you might have different repositories (for different environments) but containing the same graphs. We’re in the process of solidifying a lot of the experimental API support (including docs and the CLI scaffolding).