Is there a way to define non-data dependencies bet...
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Is there a way to define non-data dependencies between sub-graphs when using the new API? I made an attempt with a structure like this, based on the old APIs order-based dependencies between solids.
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def g1():
    x = op1()
    y = op2(x)
@graph(input_defs=[InputDefiniton("start", Nothing)])
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def g2():
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def combined():
    g1_res = g1()
However, this resulted in a DagsterInvalidDefinitionError:
@graph 'g2' decorated function does not have parameter(s) 'start' which are in solid's input_defs. Solid functions should only have keyword arguments that mstche input names and, if system information is required, a first parameter named 'context'.
Is there some other way to do this, is it not supported or is it just a bug in the experimental API? I'm currently running dagster 0.12.6
the error message is really out of whack here which can be balmd on the experimental nature You have to map inputs through
layers all the way to
, including
s. So you would have to thread the
through all
layers to all the
you want to block on. This is not the most ergonomic, but should allow you to solve your problem. You can chime in on with thoughts on what you wish you could do
@Dagster Bot issue [jog] @graph bad def time error message for inputs
Then I know what I can do for now. I will checkout the ticket about Nothing you referenced as well. Thanks for the help 🙂