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zafar mahmood

08/16/2021, 10:21 AM
Hi Team, I need a bit of help for the deployment in AWS using dagster projects, unfortunately couldn't found in documentation So a bit of context with the simple solids and pipelines using is working perfectly file. But the problem starts to occur in aws when I change the structure of solid and pipelines in a new directory project. So the objective is not to use for the trigger of pipelines (here is the example which shows I am refereeing too ). This line 65 of docker-compose.yaml file uses this command '' dagster api grpc -h -p 4000 -f " and the same command goes to our AWS infrastructure for the trigger of pipelines. Instead what I am looking for is to utilise the workspace.yaml file (where i can add multiple python packages ). So does anyone think can be command be used like this '*dagster api grpc -h -p 4000 -w workspace.yaml*' ? (presently there is no existing '-w' parameter) If not then another Idea is to use Module instead of '' in the main directory. Dagit works really well with the module ' *dagit -m _project-01_*'. but can this be possible with the dagster ? so the command would become like this '*dagster api grpc -h -p 4000 -m _project-01'_* (presently it throws an error that project-01 don't exists )


08/16/2021, 5:13 PM
version should work once the module is installed or otherwise available on the python search path. worth referencing
dagster api grpc --help
if you haven’t

zafar mahmood

08/17/2021, 12:54 PM
it worked thanks a lot
@Matthias Queitsch