Hi folks, I want to dynamically register new repos...
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Hi folks, I want to dynamically register new repos. Wondering if there a guide on doing that? The scheme I have in mind. New Dagit api server come online -> Self register on some service discovery DB (say, Dynamo, ZK, etc.) -> The main fleet of dagit UI polls for a list of new repo servers -> register new repo What you think?
hi Rob - sorry for the delay here. We don't have something like this out of the box currently, but I could imagine building it on top of existing pieces without a huge amount of work. Dagit has the ability to load the workspaces from a workspace.yaml file, and also has a graphql call you can make that reloads the workspace from that file without needing to restart dagit. So if you built something that periodically wrote the state of the world out to a
file and each of the dagit boxes periodically called this existing reloadWorkspace graphql call, you'd end up in a similar place.
Awesome! That sounds perfectly reasonable. Thanks