Peter B

06/21/2021, 12:00 PM
Hey, I'm having some trouble pushing something that works locally to our k8 deployment. • Pipelines fully tested and ok locally. • Docker file build from root directory, i.e. COPY . / , so shouldn't be inconsistent • working_directory is specified. It works locally, but when uploaded to K8 deployment it basically seems to disappear, as it fails to load modules and says that it is '/' working directory instead. • Please folder structure in screenshots. I've blanked out one spot as that was my actual org name. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Ok so same thing for a similar folder structure. I've been working on this for like 6 hours due to Kubernetes rebuild/upload... vs. it working locally. Here are the relevant files. If anyone can help me crack this you are an absolute legend. Thanks.


06/21/2021, 2:16 PM
Hi Peter, I haven't totally worked through the first example yet - but for the second - if everything is getting copied in relative to "/", don't you want the python working directory to be "/" not "/dagster"? So that "pipelines" refers to "/pipelines"?