Doron Grinzaig

05/12/2021, 11:30 AM
Hi all, For years I've worked with apache airflow and got used to it. Recently a guy I interviewed mentioned they are using dagster, which was the first time I've heard about it. Knowing airflow is not perfect, I'm wondering for a new project I'm now starting to work on, why should I choose dagster over airflow? Sorry if it was asked already, I couldn't find this question online or here on slack.


05/12/2021, 7:36 PM


05/12/2021, 7:58 PM
Requested post coming tomorrow!
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05/13/2021, 4:24 PM
Hey @Doron Grinzaig check out our post on this (released today!)

Doron Grinzaig

05/13/2021, 4:48 PM
Thanks, read it yesterday, will read it again. I read yesterday for 2-3 hours about dagster to better understand the differences. As I progressed with the reading, it was both clear to me that we are not the only ones who suffer from airflow downsides (and horrific UI). But it was just as clear that even for someone who used airflow extensively for 3 years now like me, learning dagster is not a trivial task when actually working with bigdata, and not hello-cereal-world examples.
@schrockn an initial feedback.