Aaron Ortega

08/19/2022, 4:30 PM
Hey, this has never happened and thought i should flag it. i had two jobs which each trigger a dbt cloud job. i could see a
status on dbt cloud, so i know the jobs completed, but dagster jobs were still going on the dagster UI (it keeps polling). We’re running a hybrid deployment on ECS and i saw both ECS tasks had stopped. Therefore, i’m guessing the issue was on dagster-cloud’s end. I’ve clicked
and got the following message. I retried with the force option and it took ~15min to finally cancel.


08/19/2022, 4:33 PM
Hi - there was an ongoing incident about 45 minutes ago, which was causing this. This should have been resolved. Are you still seeing this issue?

Aaron Ortega

08/19/2022, 4:38 PM
Hi Rex, I see the incident on the dagsterCloud’s status page…weird that we didn’t get a rss notification. But we no longer have the issue thanks!