Hello.... I upgraded my agent to `1.0.3` and wante...
# dagster-plus
Hello.... I upgraded my agent to
and wanted to use my existing agent for branch deployments (I have a separate environment than production). However, the env
is showing up as `a725e19f`…
which also happens to be the last random value at the end of my deployment.
(if this helps, I was on the beta and I made no changes except no longer using a dedicated agent for branching)
all other values seem to be coming in correctly e.g.
Hi Jason, just to make sure, you’re seeing the
not match what you expect? That looks like one of the autogenerated names of a branch deployment
yeah @ben I was expecting it to be
(i have a staging and prod dagster cloud deployment)
It should be matching the name of the deployment which the code location and/or run is associated with. If you have one agent serve e.g. staging and branch deployments, the staging code locations should have
and the branches the autogenerated names, e.g. (
If it would be helpful to have a separate env var which just provides the main deployment that the agent is serving (so,
regardless of branch/non-branch context), that’s something we could look into adding
hmmmm, I see. I guess I could then just use
and know it's staging, then I wouldn't need a separate env - more like an implicit answer I guess and then for "local" dev work the env won't exist so that's my signal we're local.
Okay.... what you said makes sense, I just thought it's purpose was for branching but i guess the intent is that people don't really need a "staging" deployment