Issac Loo

09/26/2022, 3:24 PM
Hi all — Is there a way to run a job with sequential ops, where all ops don’t have outputs? I’m not sure how to do that since I’ve only been passing outputs to create a sequential op pipeline Ex: op1 => print(‘hello’) op2 => print(‘how are you?’) op3 => print(‘have a nice day’) where job would run op1, then op2, then op3. **Note that all ops don’t have a output variable that I can pass to the next one
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09/26/2022, 4:05 PM
You can use the in-process executor to do this, but generally to make jobs aware of what order ops should be processed in they must have Outputs. For ops that don't have an obvious output to produce, you can use Nothing / order-based-dependencies
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