Ashley Dsouza

09/29/2022, 1:07 PM
Hello, I have quite recently received a requirement to host Dagster as a service over https. now I know that dagster is capable of listening to a port over http, but in order for it for the dagster link to be secure, my organization has recommended me to have dagster hosted over https thereby having secure access and a domain alias instead of the traditional http:/<IP Address>:<PortAddess>. To do this, I have gotten the required ssl certificate keys to open a listener over https but what i do not know is how do i host dagster as a service over the ssl certificate that i have. I searched the dagster docs but was unable to get this information. Therefore, I would like to ask if this is a configuration to be done in dagster or if there is a way to implicitly mention this in the dagit command. For either case, it would be great if any one could either let me know on further steps or point me to the documentation Kindly help in getting this clarified. Thanks and Regards, Ashley Dsouza


09/30/2022, 6:15 PM
Hi Ashley, our recommended way of doing this is with a proxy like nginx. Here’s a doc on ssl termination with nginx:
@Dagster Bot docs Recommend Nginx for Dagit https

Dagster Bot

09/30/2022, 6:16 PM

Larry Rodrigues

03/31/2023, 2:29 PM
Is there an exemplar nginx conf with dagit run? It seems that no matter what I do in nginx.conf I am getting "WARNING: Invalid HTTP request received".
Strating dagit with debug/trace shows : HTTP Connection lost, HTTP connection made.
dagit -h hostname -p port number.
nginx: server { listen port ssl http2;