Alessandro Cantarelli

09/30/2022, 2:39 PM
Hi all, How do I link the output to an asset to the input of a graph that I will later make into an asset using AssetsDefinition.from_graph? Currently I am doing this but it is not working
    ins={"load_data": AssetIn(metadata={'allow_missing_partitions': True}, partition_mapping=NDaysPartitionMapping(days=1, offset=0))}, 
def trailing_window(context, load_data: pandas.DataFrame) -> list:
    df = load_data
    tidied_raw_data = tidy_raw_data(database=df, cellsParallel=context.op_config['cellsParallel'], cellsSeries=context.op_config['cellsSeries'])
    split_time_data = split_by_time(data=tidied_raw_data, cut_off_time=context.op_config['cut_off_time'])
    return split_time_data

@graph(ins={"trailing_window": GraphIn()})
def event_split_graph(trailing_window):
    df = trailing_window
    return df

event_split = AssetsDefinition.from_graph(graph_def=event_split_graph, partitions_def=daily,)
I am currently receiving this error:
@graph 'event_split_graph' returned problematic value of type <class 'dagster._core.definitions.composition.InputMappingNode'>


09/30/2022, 5:05 PM
Hi Alessandro. A
functions as a wrapper over a set of ops with defined dependencies between them. Dagster will flatten each graph into a flat map of ops and then pass each input of the graph to the corresponding op inputs. This means that a graph must contain at least one op, and each input of the graph must be mapped to at least one op within the graph. We could do a better job of clarifying this error for sure, since it's pretty unclear what the issue is from looking at the error message.
Updating your graph to be something like this would fix the issue:
def transform(trailing_window):
    return trailing_window

@graph(ins={"trailing_window": GraphIn()})
def event_split_graph(trailing_window):
    df = transform(trailing_window)
    return df
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Alessandro Cantarelli

10/03/2022, 8:11 AM
This fixed the problem! thank you so much

Niraj Shah

12/09/2022, 5:30 PM
This thread was really helpful. I have been struggling with this issue for a few days know trying to figure out from the docs what I am missing. @claire’s snippet was what I needed. Thanks!