Andrea Giardini

10/10/2022, 6:56 AM
Hey folks 👋 I am a freelance Infrastructure Engineer / DevOps based in the NL and I've been hanging around the Dagster community for quite a while now, especially in the #dagster-kubernetes channel. From January/February 2023 I will be available for new contract work and I would love to continue working with Dagster in my next project :dagster: My experience with cloud is mainly in GCP / AWS . I have been working for quite some time with Kubernetes :kubernetes: and I am a certified CKA / CKAD / CKS. In my career, I've been working for a mix of startups and big organizations. During the past year or so, I have been helping a AI/ML startup set up their infrastructure and automating all the things :all_the_things: (mainly working with Terraform, CI/CD, Kubernetes, GCP, Helm, Jupyterhub, Cloud Run, Serverless). Website: LinkedIn: Dagster talk at PyCon Italy 2022:

Feel free to send me a message here or connect on LinkedIn
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