Abhijeet Singh

10/13/2022, 11:44 PM
Does the reload repository on the bottom left corner of dagit UI work if running dagster through docker compose (like this example)? I tried to volume mount my code instead but reload repository doesn’t work here as well. Further, in the latter case, since the user code had been volume mounted in the docker user code container, it couldn’t run each step in a new container because the new container didn’t have the volume mounted code. Any solutions? Thanks!


10/14/2022, 2:03 AM
Hi Abhijeet - currently if you're running dagster through docker compose you need to restart the user code container yourself in order for the code to reload, even if you're using volumes. We're hoping to improve this and allow you to reload things directly from dagit - once you reload the server, it should automatically pick up the changes in dagit though without you needing to do anything.
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