Hello, team! I'm Mavs, working on a disease survei...
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Hello, team! I'm Mavs, working on a disease surveillance and currently using dagster pipeline along with google cloud platform (GCP), python (VM notebooks, colab), github and etc. I'm not literally a data scientist or software engineer or computer scientist and tbh I'm not well versed to ETL programmatically but I wanted to learn along the way. For context, the platform and architecture was developed by an external DS team and briefly introduce the basics of the tools developed by them. I was having a hard time to open/connect to our dagster localhost:3000. I think we are using to old version of dagster since we started using it since 2020. On connecting to dagster localhost, if there are pipelines that are unsuccessful/failed, we tend to run it manually on dagster UI via localhost:3000. Steps on connecting to dagster: (1) open SDK shell terminal; (2) authenticate, (3) paste the ssh link from GCP VM instances Before, I was able to connect and open dagster localhost:3000, but now, there's seem a problem and I can't find a way to solve/debug it. I noticed in the terminal some warnings (image 2) and don't even know if that's related to my problem. Is/are there a way for me to debug or connect to the dagster UI/localhost:3000? (image 1) I've recently heard of the dasgter cloud, if we had a existing repo, can we connect it to the dagster cloud even if the dagster version was more early than the recent ones? Also, is it possible to get a demo of dagster and dagster cloud somehow? Thank you!
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Hi @Maverick Aaron Lising - welcome to the community. We have a demo every other week on Thursday - the next one is coming up this wee: https://dagster.io/dagster-demo-signup
It’s a demo with open Q&A.
Otherwise, for support questions, I suggest dropping them in #dagster-support
I will post yours over there now 👍
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