Dusty Shapiro

10/17/2022, 7:24 PM
K8s/Helm Question: Deploying via Helm, Dagster Dag Code has to be included as a repository , but this Airbyte/Dagster example doesn’t include a repository (just individual ops/jobs). Again, this might be my ignorance so far in Dagster fundamentals, but curious how to deploy DAG code that isn’t included in a “repo”.


10/17/2022, 7:35 PM
The example you pointed out runs
dagit -f airbyte_demo/
is an alias for
, which tells Dagit to discover a relevant Dagster code objects in a targeted file. However, in the backend, it still goes through a repository, we just create one on the fly. If you take a look at the image on the bottom left, the repository is named

Dusty Shapiro

10/17/2022, 7:39 PM
Thanks @rex, that’s good info. Appreciate the support, and apologies for any future questions as I learn more about Dagster!