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I was having a hard time to open/connect to our dagster localhost:3000. I think we are using to old version of dagster since we started using it since 2020.
On connecting to dagster localhost, if there are pipelines that are unsuccessful/failed, we tend to run it manually on dagster UI via localhost:3000.
Steps on connecting to dagster: (1) open SDK shell terminal; (2) authenticate, (3) paste the ssh link from GCP VM instances
Before, I was able to connect and open dagster localhost:3000, but now, there’s seem a problem and I can’t find a way to solve/debug it.
I noticed in the terminal some warnings (image 2) and don’t even know if that’s related to my problem.
Is/are there a way for me to debug or connect to the dagster UI/localhost:3000? (image 1)
I’ve recently heard of the dasgter cloud, if we had a existing repo, can we connect it to the dagster cloud even if the dagster version was more early than the recent ones? Also, is it possible to get a demo of dagster and dagster cloud somehow?
Hey @Maverick Aaron Lising - that warning definitely looks like it might be related. Have you tried running the gcloud auth command suggested there? Additionally, what happens if you try and run dagit locally on the same code? Does dagit load?
Hi @chris 🙂, yes we should setup initial configuration by running gcloud auth application-default login. That way, only those user accounts connected to the dasgter instance via IAP-tunnel in GCP can connect to the dagster UI (localhost:3000) before running in the dagster ssh from VM instance in GCP on shell terminal. Is the project ssh metadata should not be failing, what do you think?
Can you ssh into the instance that's running dagit and confirm that it's running? I'm guessing there's something going wrong with exposing localhost:3000 from the instance
Regarding dagster cloud, you can sign up here: You will likely need to upgrade your dagster installation to use cloud if you're running on a version that's older than 2021, but we should be able to make that not-so-painful.
Hello @Dagster Jarred Apologies for the late update re this one, already saw your email. Just to let you know, all of the pipelines were not updating/running. We just saw in our data warehouse that those integrated via dagster pipeline hasn't updating since Oct 11.
cc: @chris
I think we can migrate the use of UI via cloud instead of running it via dagit in terminal?
Hey Maverick, if you guys are having challenges managing the infrastructure itself, I'd recommend trying out serverless cloud option to manage your pipelines. Happy to help your team get set up