Hi there, I've started using dagster this week, an...
# dagster-feedback
Hi there, I've started using dagster this week, and the first thing I've noticed is the Field + dagster types when configurating in assets. It is quite close to SQLAlchemy syntax. I've wondered if there you guys ever thought about integrating pydantic intrinsically, like tiangolo did at https://sqlmodel.tiangolo.com/
We have a Pandera integration which could work similar https://docs.dagster.io/integrations/pandera Pydantic is definitely something we’re thinking of integrating deeper with
I'd also be curious in the teams thoughts with beartypes. Seems a bit similar to some of the dagster type work already here. It's worth checking out even if you just look at the readme! It's quite funny imo https://github.com/beartype/beartype!
Great, I think that would be a great improvement. This could even avoid dagster's extra types. I'll check this Pandera for DFs, this sure can help me too.