In the Dagster Cloud UI, if I'm viewing one deploy...
# dagster-feedback
In the Dagster Cloud UI, if I'm viewing one deployment and then I get automatically signed out, when I sign back in I get dropped back on the default deployment. It would be handy if I dropped back in wherever I had been before.
Hey Mark - just to clarify, are you expecting to be redirected to the URL in your browser, if you’ve been signed out? Or are you expecting to be redirected to the last deployment you were viewing, if say you just had a new tab and went to
The first behavior should be what the experience is - we can dig into this and fix it if it’s not behaving as expected
The first. If I've been signed out, and then in the same browser window I just click 'log in with Google' again, I end up on the `prod`/default deployment instead of the page I had been on before in another deployment.
This should have been fixed in last Thursday’s release - let us know if you have any other issues!
Confirmed that it drops me back in the expected deployment now, thanks!
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This has been working to get me back to the right deployment, but it doesn't drop be back on the exact page. A couple times recently, I've had a page open monitoring a job's progress (like
https://<org><deployment>/instance/runs/91659429-809b-4caa-a978-8e323785168a?logFileKey=<some op>&selection="<some op>"&logs=query%3A"<some op>"
), and after I get logged out and log back in I land on
This might be due to some route changes we’ve made recently - cc @dish
I think those changes aren’t out yet, and will be in the upcoming release