10/27/2022, 9:16 PM
Hi! I wanted to ask a question about SDAs in relationship to distributed user code deployments. We have one central dagster daemon/dagit instance each, but multiple dagster user code deployments. I know SDAs in one repository can refer to input SDAs from another repository using SourceAsset, but is it possible for an SDA to refer to an input SDA in another user code deployment? I currently have a POC hooked up that does exactly this and it seems to be linking just fine in the graph view on Dagit (the input SDA is rendered as a source asset that links to another asset key), but when I go to run the downstream SDA it complains about there being
for the upstream asset.
It almost seems like dagit/daemon can handle the cross-deployment references but the dagster code on the k8s-executor-launched dagster-step pod can’t resolve the input asset key since it doesn’t know where the other user code deployments are