john eipe

11/05/2022, 5:45 PM
Hi Team, I'm trying to evaluate Dagster and Prefect against Airflow. I have implemented solutions on Airflow for a couple of customers and now I'm doing a MVP on Dagster to check if it is a good replacement for my future projects. One of the amazing features I see is the concept of workspaces and repository. But I find very few documentation and examples around that.


11/08/2022, 3:23 AM
Hi @john eipe do you have a specific question about workspaces and repository? All our examples here have workspace.yaml and most of them point to a single Dagster repository that’s defined in
for example here — you can find the fully feature project walkthrough here: If you are looking for how to organize your project using workspaces and repository, here’s a GitHub discussion:, where you can also find a multi repository workspace example that I wrote in here:
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