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🕴️elementl ➡️computercat 🪐 Hello all! Dagster is a growing and thriving community, and the project is backed by a company, Elementl. Up until now I’ve been the CEO of Elementl. That changes today. @Pete Hunt––who was our Head of Engineering––is assuming the role of CEO, and I am moving to the CTO role. I am incredibly excited about this change. I will get to intensely focus on product, engineering, and evangelism of Dagster knowing that the operations and execution at the company are in Pete’s immensely capable hands. You can expect more activity from me in both the codebase and in Slack! We’ll be announcing this news more broadly next week but we wanted this to be the first public forum to push this out! -- Nick
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Congrats to both of you!
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Congrats and All the best @Pete Hunt @schrockn
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