11/15/2022, 7:11 PM
Hi everyone! we presented the Dagster + Noteable integration last week at PyData! The presentation included a workshop that covers getting started in Dagster, adding a Jupyter notebook as an asset, and adding a Noteable notebook as an asset. Whether you are using Jupyter notebooks and
or Noteable notebooks and
, the workshop should provide a great resource for getting started. I’m attaching the slides here, and you can download and go through the workshop yourself (the sample code is here). I’m currently working on transferring the workshop into a new dagstermill guide, so if you have any feedback or features you’d like to see covered in the guide, please don’t hesitate to let me know. PyData should post the full talk in the next week or so, so I’ll be posting that here once it gets uploaded. And finally, we’re going to be doing the full version of the talk again in December as a webinar! keep your eyes peeled for more info on that!
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