Hi all - trying to understand if job "tasks" (or s...
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Hi all - trying to understand if job "tasks" (or steps maybe they're called) can be run in their own k8s pod, versus each step running in the same k8s pod as the job itself I see: https://docs.dagster.io/_apidocs/libraries/dagster-k8s#dagster_k8s.k8s_job_executor Which might be what I'm after, but want to confirm that a "step" == "op" Edit: but reading this: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/kubernetes/deploying-with-helm Its not clear whether or not individual steps are ran in their own k8s pod
Can confirm that step = op! For the purpose of this question at least - to be maximally pedantic, op is the definition in code, step is the actual thing that runs