Hi all, thanks to the <documentation> I was able t...
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Hi all, thanks to the documentation I was able to set up a sensor to notify me of any failures. I'm using
to see which function failed. Is it also possible to get the extended details of why the function failed? I.e. I have a function:
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def div_by_zero():
    return 1/0
If I run this op in a job, it logically fails and
tells me it's step div_by_zero that failed. Is it possible to also get the details (in this case Python raising a 'ZeroDivisionError')? I can see these as 'info' step in dagit but not sure how to get this output. Thanks in advance!
should be able to do
but this is getting into internals a little bit... we should probably have a more straightforward way of getting that information off of the context directly