Does dagster have native support for dbt tests? Fo...
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Does dagster have native support for dbt tests? For example, would like to • prevent pipeline from running if it fails dbt test DQ check • visually see in the UI if any assets are failing any DQ checks from dbt test
I’m assuming that you’re loading your dbt assets from dbt Core. On
, there’s an argument for
. This will run your dbt tests alongside your models - if your models fail the tests, I believe that it will display as failed in the UI. @owen would know best regarding the behavior of this interface
hi! the result of each dbt test that's executed when you set
will be represented as an AssetObservation, so you'll be able to see if the test is passing or failing on the asset details page for the given asset, but at the moment asset observations do not result in other sorts of visual indicators in the UI.
@owen might be a separate discussion, but are there plans to add any sort of visual indicator to the UI? I'm currently running tests via a separate op (using dbt build has some side effects that I want to avoid) - I could add the asset observations to that op I suppose? (it's currently triggered via a multi-asset sensor, so the asset list is known)
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@Adam Bloom we've done some thinking about a potential "Asset Expectations" feature, which would be a more specialized version of asset observations (which simply record arbitrary metadata) -- so I'd say that it's not on the immediate roadmap but something that we do eventually plan to support