Hi, Im running dagit(1.1.3) on port 8081 and dagst...
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Hi, Im running dagit(1.1.3) on port 8081 and dagster api grpc repository on port 8080. I have some jobs that are created dynamically and on start of the api server they are loaded correctly and shown in dagit but when running reload repository or using
I cant see nothing in logs. When running any job I can see in logs information what jobs are created but they are not updated on UI only when I restart the server. Is there a bug in reload repository or am I missing something?
Hi Jakub - when you’re running your own gRPC server you will need to restart the gRPC server process yourself in order for your code to reload. This is a known rough edge that we’d like to improve in the future though.
If you return a custom RepositoryData object from your repository as described in option 3 here, that’s one way to re-generate your jobs without restarting the server: https://docs.dagster.io/_apidocs/repositories#dagster.repository
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Is there any issue that I can follow that aim to improve that functionality?
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