Hi, I just upgraded Dagster from 1.0.8 to 1.1.3 an...
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Hi, I just upgraded Dagster from 1.0.8 to 1.1.3 and noticed it now prepopulates all "missed" partitions in the dialog box when I try to materialize an asset. How do I go back to the old behavior of having just the latest partition listed by default? Since I don't usually want to run all "missed" partitions, It's very cumbersome to have to delete all the prepopulated partition names every time I materialize something.
hey thanks for posting! I think that when you pop open the Materialize panel, you should be able to click “Latest” to get back to the old default behavior. Does that appear for you? I think that the Latest button only appears if your partition set is a timeseries — if it’s a discrete set of values like “Texas, California, Virginia,” etc there’s not really a “latest” one. Maybe that’s happening and shouldn’t be?
Hi Ben, Thanks for replying. The partitions I'm using are YYYYMM values, so not exactly time series.
In version 1.0.8, only one YYYYMM (e.g., 202211) used to be populated in the text box, but now it shows every partition values defined in partitions.py like below.
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current_yymm = int(h.pstime_stamp()[:6])
ACCTYYMM = h.list_yymm_between(201901, current_yymm)
monthly_partitions = StaticPartitionsDefinition(ACCTYYMM)
Even if I select "Completed(1)", the partition string in the input box doesn't change.
@Ben Gotow Switched to Monthly Partition and ran into this edge case.
The first run for a subset of assets for 2022-12-01 failed, and then for the 2nd trial, the Dagit UI won't let me run for that partition at all, because the partition is not missing or completed. Seems like a bug? It seems to work when I specifically choose the failed tasks and run them (without mixing up failed assets and completed assets)
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The reason for the error in the first run is also weird. It was looking for a folder corresponding to the new partition which obviously won't exist yet.
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Any tips for forcing Dagit to allow me to run the above run?