Does dagster keep "versions" of each asset? For ex...
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Does dagster keep "versions" of each asset? For example, can I inspect a the materialized asset from 3 weeks ago?
You can look at the AssetMaterialization event itself from 3 weeks ago, but whether separate versions of the asset value are stored is dependent on your IOManager (and I don't believe any of the built-in IOManagers support this).
dagster bot responded by community 1
Ok, good to know
I think what I want is that when an asset gets materialized, the old version is saved in Blob storage. Eg. When I update the ForecastingModel.pickle, the old one gets moved to S3 or Azure Blob Storeage as ForecastingModel-2022-10-10-to-2022-11-12-runid-1srj43skg614f.pickle
I'll build it into my IOManager