I have multiple `assets` defined under the same as...
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I have multiple
defined under the same asset group. I could materialize assetA on a single partition without issue. However, if I back-fill assetA on multiple partitions, it complains on missing required resource def, which is not required by assetA but assetB. Any clue on this?
If I click a single asset materialization run’s “view tags and config” I could see the run config is empty (below screenshot). However, if I click “open launchpad” it’ll prompts me Missing requried config
hi @William! What version of dagster are you on? A fix was merged last week which I believe should resolve this issue
I was on 1.0.16. Which one shall I upgrade to?
Could you also point me to the merged PR/ issue thread?
ah sorry missed these messages. fix is here: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/10782, which went into 1.1.5