Is there a way to configure the definition of stal...
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Is there a way to configure the definition of stale? For example, I have a sofware deffined asset
that run on a daily schedule (pulls the latest user activity data from snowflake, returns the userId of the most active user - call this ). Most days the most active user is the same as yesterday. In this specific scenario, I only want to mark the downstream tasks as stale if the
asset value has changed.
hi @Mycchaka Kleinbort! if you have a source asset representing "latest user activity data from snowflake" (which mostActiveUserId would be downstream of), you can make it an
. Documentation for this feature is actually rolling out today, but for now I'll just send a link to the source, and (example in a test) The basic idea is that, by default, it's assumed that when you run the most upstream asset, the data that it's reading from will have changed, but as you not this is not always the case. The observable source asset can go out and inspect the state of the source and return a version. Then, only if the version changes will downstream assets be considered stale. I think for your case, you can do something like return the most recent record id or timestamp etc.