Hi! regarding managed loggers - we recently stoppe...
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Hi! regarding managed loggers - we recently stopped seeing the
dictionary in the UI. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a change on purpose. Thanks
Hi! where in the UI were you originally seeing this dictionary? Would this just be in the regular event log viewer for a run, or somewhere else? and if you go to an older run, is the dictionary still visible?
Hi again @owen and sorry for the delayed response! I’ll change my question a bit. We configured a custom logger setup a while ago (a custom
and more) and added the configuration func to every
. It worked but it logged every line twice - one by the default handler and one by our custom one. We added the custom logger name as part of
of course. What would be the best practice in Dagster to configure such a custom logger? (without a need to run the setup function on each group and without having every log line twice). Thanks!
Seems like https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/logging/loggers#customizing-loggers would be the solution here, and we somehow missed that concept. Thanks 🙂