Encountered GraphQL error: Error You hit an unexp...
# dagster-feedback
Encountered GraphQL error: Error You hit an unexpected error while fetching data from Dagster.
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Operation name: AssetGraphLiveQuery

Message: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object

Path: ["assetNodes",2,"projectedLogicalVersion"]

Locations: [{"line":44,"column":3}]
Hi Michael we’re aware of this bug and working to fix it, but you may be able to fix your immediate problem by just rematerializing assets, specifically any assets visible on the page throwing the error that haven’t been materialized in the last few weeks
Yes, I was able to fix this. I think I turned it off and back on again 😄 I'm still having trouble understanding how to use dagster to run my workflow but I appreciate your help and acknowledgement of this error. I wish you all the best with this tool. It's quite a wonderful vision.