Hi all, just a quick question — is there a common ...
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Hi all, just a quick question — is there a common approach to running the same job again with the output of it’s previous run? I want to be able to run a job N times, and each successive run uses the outputs generated by the previous job completion. Not sure if this would traditionally just be a loop in the job itself or by calling the job again.
Haven't seen this pattern in the wild before, and there's not any built-in support, but my instinct is that it'd be easier to implement by calling the job multiple times. You'd probably have to do some wiring up on your own to create an IOManager that's capable of loading previous job outputs as input, or by just manually reloading past inputs within the body of the first op in the job
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Awesome, thanks @owen. I don’t know that it would make sense to support this, since presumably some things about the run_config would need to change before issuing the next run. I might change this to a queue listening service instead of a manually triggered service.