Hey team! Does the Software Defined Assets API sup...
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Hey team! Does the Software Defined Assets API support cross-repo dependencies? • i.e. Could a job B defined in repo B have assets that are downstream of assets defined in job A in repo A? ◦ In this example, we are using OSS Dagster following the Helm deployment referenced in these Docs. ◦ What if repos A and B live under different User Code Deployments? • Are you able to reference an asset in another repo by the asset key? • Within Dagit, can you visualize cross-repo dependencies in the Global Asset Lineage view? I've seen https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/assets/software-defined-assets#defining-external-asset-dependencies, but wanted to clarify on some of the nuances above
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the answer to all your questions is "yes",
does exactly that. If another repo defines an actual asset with the same key, they will be mapped to a single asset.
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