Good morning. I have a question after scouring the...
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Good morning. I have a question after scouring the documentation: is there a better way to have a cleanup operation run at the end of a
other than defining an
input for the cleanup
and passing it the output of the previous
For context: at the start of my job, I'm creating a temporary directory with
, and at the end of the job, I want to delete it. I can't make it a resource because I need the directory to live only for the lifetime of the job. If there's a better pattern, I'm all ears!
that pattern would definitely work. one thing to consider is that if you’re running your code on something like a kubernetes cluster you may need to do some extra work to ensure that the cleanup op is run on the same vm/pod/etc as the op that creates the directory
ack. we're using dagster-cloud (or dagster serverless) for our deployment
thanks for the response!