I have an `@op` yielding `DynamicOutput`s that's t...
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I have an
yielding `DynamicOutput`s that's taking 30m to yield 5600 outputs, taking about 0.5s between each "Yielded output" log message both when it started and when it was finishing. Is this expected? Running on k8s. I wouldn't mind except it doesn't seem like the outputs start running until the op finishes. The op is pretty simple:
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class Test:
   test_id: str
   # etc

def yield_each_test(test_list: List[Test]):
    for test in test_list:
        yield DynamicOutput(value=test, mapping_key=test.test_id)
Is there a way to structure the
more efficiently?
cc @alex
thankyou 1
you would have to use a profiler to discern the exact cause of slowdown - i would guess its the event writes to the database
I filed this ticket to track the issue: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/11475 . (Jamie and Alex, I think what you're saying is that the slowdown is likely on the Dagster framework side, it doesn't look like my op is doing something obviously slow.)