# ask-community

Casper Weiss Bang

12/14/2022, 8:12 AM
Can i combine two jobs in a schedule? I have some assets and jobs that should run on those assets. I am not ready to use sensors just yet for the jobs that i want to run on the assets. it's a bit more ad-hoc than a simple sensor. But the job/graph depends on a specific asset (moving the value of an asset to a external system)


12/14/2022, 8:05 PM
Hey @Casper Weiss Bang, we don’t directly support running two jobs from a single sensor, but I think we can still achieve what you want. One option would be to combine the two jobs into one job and then run the single job from the schedule. Another option could be to trigger the first job from the schedule and trigger the second job from a
that monitors the status of the first job. That way whenever the first job finishes running, the second job is started