being able to scroll back in time in the asset plo...
# dagster-feedback
being able to scroll back in time in the asset plots would be super cool
partywizard 1
hmm to see the materialized / stale etc. status for a previous partition? or just at a specific time? This would be really slick…
more specifically just at a specific time. I currently don't really use partitioned assets so I don't have a lot of opinions there but seems like it viewing previous partition info would be helpful too
was surprised i wasn't able to do this actually pretty useful/expected for partitioned assets
Selecting the time in the x-axis for partitioned assets would be convenient too. Generally zooming in. And the same for the partitions status bar. It’s always displaying all the partitions (in my case it’s a few hundreds of them) while I usually want to quickly check the status of the few latest partitions.