# integration-airbyte

Dusty Shapiro

12/22/2022, 3:25 PM
Also, as a K8s/Helm deployer, I’m starting to be curious the best method to run the
dagster-airbyte apply
on the reconciler in each environment
My initial thought is Gitlab runner for CI/CD, but I assume the dagster-airbyte apply CLI needs to be applied in the
K8s pod?


12/22/2022, 5:36 PM
The CLI needs to be triggered in an environment in which it (1) has access to the Python code and (2) has access to your Airbyte instance - if your instance is visible to the internet, then a CI/CD process makes sense
If you’re running on Kubernetes and don’t have the instance accessible in your CI process, one option when developing locally is to use
kubectl port-forward …
and then run the CLI locally, pointed at the port-forwarded address

Dustin Shapiro

12/22/2022, 5:56 PM
Thanks Ben, I’m fairly certain we can get the CI job running in the environment with the service accessible.