Also, as a K8s/Helm deployer, I’m starting to be c...
# integration-airbyte
Also, as a K8s/Helm deployer, I’m starting to be curious the best method to run the
dagster-airbyte apply
on the reconciler in each environment
My initial thought is Gitlab runner for CI/CD, but I assume the dagster-airbyte apply CLI needs to be applied in the
K8s pod?
The CLI needs to be triggered in an environment in which it (1) has access to the Python code and (2) has access to your Airbyte instance - if your instance is visible to the internet, then a CI/CD process makes sense
If you’re running on Kubernetes and don’t have the instance accessible in your CI process, one option when developing locally is to use
kubectl port-forward …
and then run the CLI locally, pointed at the port-forwarded address
Thanks Ben, I’m fairly certain we can get the CI job running in the environment with the service accessible.