Hi Everyone, I set up Dagster with my own user cod...
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Hi Everyone, I set up Dagster with my own user code using the single Helm Chart deployment and it worked fine. Now I tries separating both and I fail miserably... The user-code-deployment is setup and works. The dagster helm chart fails though. Both the dagit and dasgter-deamon pod fail with
Error: No arguments given and no [tool.dagster] block in pyproject.toml found.
To change from single helm chart to 2 different I just did 3 changes: • disabled dagster-user-deployment in dagster helm chart (and enableSubChart as well) • enabled the workspaces in dagster helm chart • added my workspace (port and service are correct) I am running on the latest helm chart versions: 1.1.7 Thanks for the help!
Hi Michel - is it possible to share the part of values.yaml that corresponds to "enabled the workspaces in dagster helm chart"? That error message indicates that the workspace configmap isn't being created
One thing that is maybe confusing - you want to set enableSubchart to false, but I don't think you want to disable dagster-user-deployments entirely - i.e. you want to set
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  enableSubchart: false
but not
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  enabled: false
(this is from https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/kubernetes/customizing-your-deployment#separately-deploying-dagster-infrastructure-and-user-code)
@daniel thanks! That did the trick! The documentation got me a bit there. Indeed the custom code deployment needs to be enabled but the sub chart disabled 😞 I disabled both
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