There are a lot of dagster concepts. It would be g...
# dagster-feedback
There are a lot of dagster concepts. It would be great if there was a single summary doc that explained their relationships to each other. If there is, please point me to it!
Thanks Uri. You are correct and we are aware of this challenge. We are working to (a) reduce the number of core concepts and simplify the framework, and (b) better document the concepts and how they interrelate. While I do not have something for you right now (beyond the existing docs) we are working on enhancements in the new year that will help you navigate the core concepts of Dagster.
Maybe this mapping of Dagster concepts would help:
I'm still learning, but personally I found the Op concept page the most useful starting place so far.
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Indeed, I would recommend reordering the Concepts section. IOManagers is introduced before Resources, and one of the first things it says is an IOManager is just a Resource.
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Hey @Uri Laserson! Here's something I've been working on that's not shipped yet: Feedback very welcome.
Will take a look @sandy!